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It is with a deep sadness that we share the passing away of Justice Krishna Iyer who was the spirit behind the organization.
Dr Mitra does grief work with Burmese human rights workers.
Dr. Rajat Mitra addressed a seminar of asian parliamentarians held in Hong Kong on abolition of torture as a means of investigation.
Swanchetan featured prominently on Satyamev Jayate by Aamir Khan as an organization doing pioneering work with child abuse and against violence.
Swanchetan wins UN Public Service Award in the category of Promoting Gender Responsive Delivery of Public Service.
Swanchetan's artworks on display at New York University's Bronfman Centre from March 24- May 17, 2011
Senior Clinical psychologist from Swanchetan is selected for "International Visitor Leader programme" by state department USA
Swanchetan wins EdelGive Social Innovation Honors 2010 for advocating Social and Cultural Rights of women.
Swanchetan wins the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honors 2010 for innovative use of ICT for supporting trauma victims.
Swanchetan presents its study on 'Sexual Assualt' to Hon'rable Judges of High Court in a seminar in 'National Judicial Academy'.
Swanchetan completes its study on traumatic stress faced by women who undergo sexual assault in 12 states of India.
Swanchetan finishes a national level study on human trafficking and sexual violence.

This site is dedicated to the survivors, their families and to those who fearlessly fight for their rights without thinking of their own safety.
We hope you will go through them and find inspiration in them like we do. As we at Swanchetan cross the first decade of our existence, we dedicate ourselves to our Vision that "there is hope after trauma...."
- Swanchetan Team
Poem by a survivor
There are times
When a voice is not heard
And gets suppressed
When whom one loves
Is lost forever
When today is very long
And tomorrow is
Far away
There are times
When it can be you
Times when an unknown friend
Can stand by you
To find hope
‘There is hope after trauma...’

Featured Articles:
Swanchetan Wins UN Public Service Award 2011
UN Public Service Award is the most prestigious award in the world for public service and is given annually to organizations from across the world for exemplary service to mankind. more...

Artworks of Swanchetan
Swanchetan's artworks displayed at New York University's Bronfman Centre more...

The Healing Square -- A Story Of Reconciliation
Godhra is a small town in Gujarat that came on the international map when a violent mob of a few thousand men attacked a train and burnt alive 56 men, women and children passing through that town more...

Anna - A Story of Forgiveness
Anna (name changed) is a thirteen year old girl studying in a school. The region she lives in is going through a civil war and upheaval that has affected the lives of most of the population. more...

Let’s Create A Society That Warns And Protects
There are two images related to terrorism that haunt me. One is the eyes of a twelve year old girl. The other is the face of a mother who lost her six year old son. The twelve year old girl wants to know why she survived while her brother did not in the terrorist attack when they were standing next to each other during the blast. more...

When Swanchetan’s Evidence Led To Justice for a Thirteen Year Old
In December 2007, the honorable session’s court in Delhi passed a judgment sentencing a man to eight years of rigorous imprisonment for having assaulted his daughter. Terming the act barbaric and shocking the judge said it was a great misfortune that the country is forced to witness such heinous offences. more...

Swanchetan’s Work with Children in Gujarat
(A synopsis of the report submitted to National Human Rights Commission) The following describes over a two year period, the trauma faced by children after the Gujarat riots. It also describes the psyche of the children and their families and the resilience shown by them through their trauma. more...

Hope lives on
We would like to share the story of Gali No. 42, an average gali situated at Beodonpura, Karol Bagh, Central Delhi. Walking down to this gali, we come across people from Rajasthan and Gujarat communities who have been living here for a hundred years. The men here are daily wagers while women earn from household more...

Peepal Tree or People’s Tree
Last year marked a series of massive terrorist attacks in Delhi, one of these was in gali (street) no. 42, Karol Bagh. The day was 13th September, 2008. Life was on a usual routine when suddenly everything turned upside down. The loved ones were gone. The land smeared with blood. The air filled with smoke. more...

A Movement against Female Feticide
Female feticide is defined as killing of the unborn female child in the womb through abortion after a sex determination test. This is one of the most horrendous forms of violence carried out against the girl child. more...

Serial Killers Con You With Ease
I came across severely violent offenders thirteen years ago when I started working in Tihar, Asia’s largest prison. There were violent offenders of all descriptions and they would reveal their personal histories to me when they felt no threat.I talked to different groups. They were stalkers, kidnappers more...

Toilets for Women - A Human Right
Going to toilet is an issue in which is hidden the basic dignity of millions of women concerning honor, self preservation and shame that continue to haunt many women of Asia till the end of their lives. more...

2011 United Nations Public Service Awards Ceremony

A dialogue between Justice Malimath & Director of Swanchetan.

Talk with Sabrina Lal

Interview with Mrs. Neelam Katara - Part 1

Interview with Mrs. Neelam Katara - Part 2

Interview with Dr. Mitra